Online Pharmacy Prescriptions

All FDA regulated medications are sold exclusively to veterinarians from the drug manufacturers. Pet medications purchased from a third party online pharmacy, are all diverted products. Because the product is a diverted drug, the manufacturer does not guarantee the quality or effectiveness of the medication. This is due to the unknown environmental conditions the drug was exposed to during the diversion, which may inactivate the medication. Also, there are a number of reports of medications being tampered with and sold to pet pharmacies. We have had several dogs test positive for heartworm disease when clients have used online prescription preventative products. This is a serious and potentially fatal condition. Online pet pharmacy prices are reflected by the diversion process. Many of our pet products come with manufacturer rebates, which make our prices competitive with those listed by online pharmacies. Roscoe Village Animal offers free shipping to our clients for those looking for convenience.  Please read the information below for further information:


Zoetis does not sell prescription medications for dogs and cats to retail outlets, pet supply stores, internet sites or any other distribution facility where a direct veterinary-client-patient relationship does not exist – nor do we support in any way secondary supply to these businesses.

We are aware that some of our companion animal prescription products, specifically well-known brands such as RIMADYL, CLAVAMOX and REVOLUTION, are being diverted outside the veterinary channel for resale by unauthorized retail outlets, including big box retail and internet pharmacies. Zoetis’ long-standing policy has been to sell such brands directly (or through one of our authorized distributors) to practicing veterinarians who dispense such products within the context of a direct veterinarian-client-patient relationship. That policy allows us to ensure the quality of our products to the end user through a documented chain of custody, decreasing the potential for counterfeit products to be introduced to pet owners.

What is Diversion?
Diversion occurs when veterinary prescription products are diverted via the gray market to unauthorized retail outlets such as pharmacies, grocery stores and online pharmacies.

How Does Diversion Happen?
“Product aggregators” contact veterinary clinic owners and arrange to purchase large quantities of veterinary products on their behalf. The product aggregator agrees to pay the clinic for the prescription products and makes arrangements to collect the product soon after it is received by the clinic. By agreeing to divert products through unauthorized channels, the practice owner is assured a quick sale, incurs no long-term storage costs, and may generate a steady, although likely smaller profit via this unauthorized channel into the “grey market”.

Why is Diversion Bad for the Veterinarian and Bad for Pets and Pet Owners?
At Zoetis, we believe the veterinarian is central to the health and care of pets. No other individual is better positioned through training, knowledge and clinical expertise to advocate for the health, well-being and specific needs of pets. Veterinarians serve a key and pivotal role in the lives of pets and their owners through diagnostic, prevention and treatment services. As such, we do not believe the availability of veterinary prescription products, especially a prescription product as medically significant as a heartworm preventative, outside of the veterinary channel and not dispensed under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian, represents the best interests of pets or pet owners. Rather, we believe a direct veterinarian-client-patient relationship ensures consistent treatment and continuity of care. Further, we believe the potential of consistent treatment may decrease when a retail pharmacist functions as an intermediary between the veterinarian, the client and pet. Diversion directly interferes with the manufacturer’s authorized distribution channels. When diverted products are sold at an unauthorized retail outlet, it hurts the local clinic and ultimately the overall veterinary profession.

Diversion and Product Guarantee
As mentioned, our policy is to sell our companion animal prescription medications exclusively to licensed veterinarians either directly or through one of our authorized distributors. Since we cannot be certain how our products reach unauthorized aggregators, we cannot ensure product authenticity from these unauthorized aggregators nor can we ensure that proper storage and handling occurred. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse to honor associated product guarantees for product purchased from unauthorized distributors. Likewise, we may refuse to provide financial support in the event of an adverse experience, lack of efficacy or quality defect associated with such products. In such instances, we reserve the right to ask for verification of purchase from Zoetis or one of our authorized distributors.

Zoetis only guarantees the authenticity of our brands that have been sourced directly from Zoetis or through one of our authorized U.S. distributors. Please see the Authorized Distributors Letter in the panel to the right to download of list of current authorized distributors.

What is Zoetis Doing to Stop Diversion?
We have a responsibility to alert veterinarians who may be providing pet owners with prescriptions to be filled outside of their practice that Zoetis cannot guarantee the authenticity or proper storage and handling of products purchased by pet owners outside the veterinary channel. Moreover, we reserve the right to discontinue selling to a given customer if that customer is found to be diverting product to unauthorized resellers. To this end, we have taken action in refusing to do business with anyone known to be diverting small animal prescription products. In addition, where warranted we may selectively limit the amount of product that can be purchased at any one time. We do not honor any associated product guarantees for product purchased from unauthorized sources and, as such, we will not provide financial support in the event of an adverse experience, lack of efficacy or quality defect associated with such products. In all instances, we reserve the right to ask for verification of purchase from Zoetis or one of our select authorized distributors. You can find tools in the Resources section on this page to help us stop diversion as well as educate pet owners about the importance of purchasing prescription products from the veterinary hospital or practice.

Why do I see RIMADYL, REVOLUTION and Other Zoetis Companion Animal Prescription Products Advertised on TV, Internet and at Certain Retailers?
Certain companies are likely acquiring some of our companion animal prescription products from a customer or through unauthorized distributors/product aggregators who are then diverting these products into the grey market. All of our authorized distributors, listed above, understand our policy and have agreed not to ship product outside the direct veterinarian channel. We cannot guarantee that product being sold by unauthorized third parties has been properly shipped, handled and stored, which is why we encourage all purchases of our companion animal prescription products to occur through the veterinarian, where pet owners and veterinarians have full support from us. Many of these unauthorized dealers advertise products on their website or on television commercials that they do not have in stock and cannot readily obtain. Moreover, even in situations where such advertisements show a picture of the product, it does not mean they have the product in stock; nor does it mean that they are an authorized distributor of Zoetis. In all cases these organizations are also using pictures of Zoetis products without our prior knowledge or consent.

Commitment to the Veterinarian
Zoetis is committed to serving the veterinary profession and providing you with innovative products, services and solutions to enhance the care and well-being of the pets under your care. We hope that our continued determination and dedication to your business will allow us to remain your trusted business partner. We thank you for your continued support of our products and kindly ask that you respect our distribution policies. Zoetis continues to be an ardent supporter of the veterinary profession. Our business philosophy is driven by our Commitment to Veterinarians™ platform, which recognizes and advocates for the role of veterinarians in a direct relationship with their clients and patients. It is further supported by our sales policy, under which we sell small animal prescription products to practicing veterinarians who dispense such products within the context of a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship – helping to ensure consistency of treatment and continuity of care.

Report Any Diversion Activities We need your help to continue fighting diversion. If you suspect any activities related to the unauthorized diversion of prescription medications or have any questions about the Zoetis Policy on Diversion, please contact your local Zoetis representative or our Customer Service team at 1-888-Zoetis1 (1-888-963-8471).


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