Dr. Rovner’s Cancer Study In Dogs

Cancer has turned into an epidemic in our canine and feline patients. Currently approximately 7 out of 10 dogs die of cancer in our country. In 2009, I began a study to evaluate pet food as a potential cause of this terrible disease. My theory was that pet food was the culprit. You may ask how can pet food cause cancer? The pet food produced in the United States is regulated by the AAFCO organization. There are very low specifications for what goes into pet food. There is a standard that dog food must contain 22% protein and cat food must contain 27 % protein. The source of protein is not stated or regulated. Pet food companies take advantage of this and use “animal by-product” or organ meat as sources of protein. It is a known fact that carcinogens (i.e. insecticide, herbicides, pesticides …) are stored in these organs. Our livestock in this country have chronic exposure to these and many other carcinogens. The slaughter houses must get rid of these organs and essentially have two options. Cremation of the organs which would cost trillions of dollars or give it to the dog and cat food companies for their protein requirement. Since I have started my study, I have only had two dogs who had always eaten a non-by-product or non-organ meat based food or treats. Both of these dogs has malignant skin tumors not bone, liver, splenic, kidney, or other systemic cancers. One of these two patients is alive and well following complete excision of her cancer.

In my many years of practice, I have dealt with most of my patients dying of cancer. Today, with educating my clients about proper diets, most my patients are living into their late teen years as they do not die of cancer at age 10. A few diets that I recommend for dogs are: Pure Farms Lotus, Pure Vita, Fromm, Zignature, Weruva. Good treats for dogs are fruitables, Halo, Old Mother Hubbard, and Grandma Lucy’s.   For raw diets: Sojo or Grandma Lucy’s.

For cats they should eat canned food only as dry food is a known cause of obesity, diabetes mellitus, urinary tract disease, dental disease and what I believe causes chronic renal disease (my newest study). Good canned diets are: Weruva, BFF, Lotus, Fromm, Wellness, and Earthborn. For raw diets: Rad Cat.

Scott M Rovner, D.V.M.


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