The staff at Roscoe Village Animal Hosptial are top notch. Dr. Rovner has been Shelby’s vet since she arrived in Chicago after Hurricane Katrina. I can’t say enough about him and his awesome staff. ~Jeff, from Chicago

Client Feedback on VOM

Update about the patient in this video:  Louise, a 9 1/2 yr old Irish Wolfhound, started having lameness when standing and pain in her back and hips.  She was also exercise intolerant, wasn’t interested in playing anymore and didn’t seem very happy.  She initially was put on medication to help ease the pain.  We were informed of Vetro stim and decided to see if it would help her.  We took her off of the medication and after the first treatment she was able to move easier and her lameness disappeared. She has had 4 treatments and she is back to her happy, goofy self.  She is running around the yard playing, her lameness is still gone and she has been medication free for over a month.
~Michelle, from Chicago- (owner of Louise)

Roscoe Village Animal Hospital is by far the best vet practice I’ve ever been to. ~Lindsay, from Chicago

Greatest veterinary team I’ve ever met. Paws down. ~Emily, from Chicago

My doggy didn’t even want to leave at the end of the treatment!! I have never seen a dog who didn’t want to leave the vet. Unreal.  They really have a knack with sensitive dogs. ~E.S., from Chicago

Roscoe Village Animal Hospital is fabulous! We drive a long way just to have our four-legged kids treated by the wonderful staff!! ~Jen, from Winnetka

We switched to Roscoe Village Animal Hospital when our old vet, whom we loved, moved to a different state.  I did not think we’d ever find a replacement who lived up to him, but I (happily) was wrong. ~Rebecca, from Chicago