Pet Food Recalls

Unfortunately, pet food recalls happen from time to time. Roscoe Village Animal Hospital will do our very best to keep our clients aware of these. The links below provide information regarding recalls.  Our team is available should you have questions regarding your pet’s diet.  Contact us at 773-549-3131.


To learn more about food recall and affected products you can visit the following websites. 


If you have been feeding your pet any of the products that are included on the recall list, with the corresponding date and lot codes- stop feeding your pet these foods immediately. If you purchased the product from Roscoe Village Animal Hospital you may return it to us. If you purchased these products elsewhere contact that company for their refund procedures.

If you’ve been feeding your pets one of the recalled products, please discontinue it and keep an eye out for the following symptoms and contact your veterinarian immediately:

• Vomiting
• Excessive drooling
• Loss of appetite
• Weight loss
• Increased thirst and urination

If your pet is experiencing symptoms or you would like to schedule an exam, please call us at 773-549-3131.