Nutritional Counseling

The number one cause of death of dogs in this country is cancer with a staggering 50-74% of all dogs developing cancer. Cancer is the second cause of death in cats with kidney failure being the leading cause of death in cats.  The doctors at Roscoe Village Animal Hospital believe that cancer rate is secondary to poor diets and renal failure in cats secondary to feeding dry cat foods.  We have an ongoing statistical research project on cancer in dogs. We believe that the source of the internal malignancies in dogs come from feeding “big box” diets such as Iam’s, Science Diet, Pedigree, and Purina etc. These companies produce a very low cost product with large profit margins by using by-products to meet the protein requirements required by the American Animal Food Council. By- products are nutritionally defined as organs such as kidney, spleen, lymph nodes, lung etc. Unfortunately on the American farms today, livestock have continual exposure to various carcinogens such as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and polluted water.  These carcinogens are thus stored in their organs and placed thus placed into dog and cat foods.

Chronic renal failure in cats we believe is caused from feeding a once desert animal a low moisture dry diet.  After several years the chronic strain the kidney causes it’s ability to concentrate the urine forcing the cat’s kidney into failure. At Roscoe Village Animal Hospital, we have an extremely low cancer rate in our patients and will guide you in feeding your pet the proper diet to prevent cancer and chronic renal failure but also other various diseases that we believe are caused by poor quality diets.