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Veterinary Professionals Against Puppy Mills

VAPMLogo2_3_15.v1VPAPM was founded by Scott M Rovner, DVM, Jane Lohmar, DVM and Steve Dale CABC

Mission Statement:

As members of the honored profession of veterinary medicine, we are charged with protecting and promoting the health and welfare of pets at all stages of their lives. As such, we cannot and will not endorse the mass breeding of pets in substandard conditions.
We pledge to work within our communities to educate veterinary professionals and pet owners regarding the deplorable environments of puppy mills and the health dangers to the breeding dogs and their offspring.
We will campaign for changes in laws and regulations with the goal that such mills are eradicated. Our ultimate goal is to make our organization obsolete once puppy mills are made a thing of the past.


Never work with or for a pet store that sells dogs, cats or rabbits (this does not include pet stores who adopt animals through legitimate animal welfare organizations, who should be supported).

Encourage client education regarding where to purchase pets, and where not to purchase pets. Offer an owner consult (perhaps with a veterinary technician), about the right type of dog for the family, including where to get the dog, before the dog is actually purchased)

Speak in the media, and to community groups about where to purchase pets, and where not to purchase pets.

Support legislation to eradicate puppy mills. This may include leading a community effort to add your city to the growing list of thoses banning sales of dogs, cats, rabbits sold at pet stores.

Visit our Facebook page: VPAPM 

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Puppy Mills

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