Happy New Year, Welcome 2015!


New Year’s resolutions often center around being healthier.  What about your dog?  Is your dog overweight or out of shape?  You can help them be healthier!  Talk to your veterinarian about a comprehensive weight loss plan, we are here to help!

Did you know that there are “fitbit” type activity monitors for pets?  I came across an advertisement for these products and I find them intriguing and fun.  It seems like a fun way to become involved in increasing exercise.  FitBark (http://www.fitbark.com/) and Whistle (http://www.whistle.com/) seem to be the most popular products.  

Just like if you were getting in shape, start slowly with your dog.  Build up endurance, speed, and distance over time.  Dr. Schnitker can help you develop a running program for your dog if you are interested in running with your dog.  There are also dog runners that you can hire in the city!  If running isn’t your thing, consider agility activities, nose work, and swimming.  There are indoor swimming pools for dogs in Chicago!

Don’t forget about dog parks!  On nice days this winter, outdoor dog parks may be just the thing to get your pooch some fresh air.  On not so nice days, check out indoor dog parks!  Always supervise your dog closely while playing in a dog park.

Watch what your pet eats.  Feed a high quality dog food, but watch the caloric quantity!  The back of the bag usually instructs you to feed slightly too much.  Each dog food has different calories per cup of dog food.  Usually, you can find this information on the bag or on the food’s website.  Call Roscoe Village Animal Hospital if you need help quantifying the amount of food.

Don’t forget about treats!  Often, we are surprised  by how many calories are consumed through feeding treats or snacks.  Keep them to a minimum and learn the calorie content of your treat.  
This information is often available online.  


Here’s to a happier and healthier 2015!

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