Dog Influenza Update

imagesThe dog influenza outbreak of 2015 was a serious and widespread disease that inflicted illness to many dogs in Chicago. Roscoe Village Animal Hospital was treating up to 20 cases per day at the peak of the outbreak. Our doctors, veterinary technicians and nurses worked diligently and aggressively to provide the best care to our patients and thus fortunately, Roscoe Village Animal Hospital had no patient fatalities. We also followed strict guidelines to keep our facility pathogen free to avoid spread of the virus to our other patients. Our hospital has not diagnosed a new case of influenza over the past four weeks. Our doctors agree that the epidemic has past and it is safe to return to normal activities with your dog including returning to dog parks, grooming, day care and boarding facilities. The virus has spread to other areas of the country. If you are traveling with your dog please contact the areas veterinarians to see if they are currently seeing any cases. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your pet’s health.

The Doctor and Staff of Roscoe Village Animal Hospital

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